Lake Anna’s shortage of overnight accommodations is quickly being address by a number of new options. One of which will be located at Callie Opies, the popular restaurant located on Rt. 522, just off the lake.

 “For 2024 we are planning to begin work  building/installing two to three cabins (think one-room of a hotel) for overnight lodging,” owner Mike Kavros told Lake Anna Life & Times.

  “The one room dwellings will be available for wedding parties as well as anyone looking for short term overnight lodging year round. Current planning has each unit having a shower, toilet, vanity sink, Murphy bed.”

 Kavros opened Callie Opie’s Orchard Restaurant back in 2017 situated on approximately 25 acres. The restaurant quickly became popular among residents and visitors due to its fine dining reputation. Kavros added an event barn in 2021 where he generously hosts many local events. The property also features a pond, orchard, walking and an apiary.