Every lake has them. You’ll find the watersports crowd in one area, the boaters in another, the millenials in yet another and the anglers in others. There’s even hotspots for foodies and beer aficionados.

  Some spots that draw Lake Anna visitors and residents have a pet name like The Sandbar, Cocktail Cove, The Bahamas, Pirate’s Cove, Ware Hill and The Sanctuary. You won’t find these on a map. No, instead, you have to be shown where they are or have someone mark your map.

  This article shares some of Lake Anna’s best hotspots and the reason for their popularity. Keep in mind, when you become a user you become a steward of these places. Dedicated LKAers don’t tolerate misuse of the lake and accept the mantle of responsibility that comes with the enjoyment of it’s special places.

Hotspot #1 – On The Boat

  As the song says, life is better on a pontoon or any ol’ boat! Rent one, buy one or beg passage on a friend’s and tour the lake with your cooler filled and ready for fun. Dock watch, boat in to a restaurant or drop anchor in a secluded cove or off an island and make yourself comfortable. This is living the lake life! You’ll never lack companionship if you have a ‘toon. Rentals can be found at Duke’s Creek Marina, Shipwreck Boat Rentals, Mid-Atlantic Watersports, LKA Watersports, Anna Point Marina and Sturgeon Creek Marina. Get the Pontoon Patrol sticker or shirt from LKA Outfitters!

Hot Spot #2 – Moo Thru At The Boardwalk   

   Who doesn’t like ice cream or watching kids/guests enjoy eating it? Moo Thru is the lakeside option for homemade ice cream straight from an area dairy farm. There’s hand-dipped cones, milkshakes and sundaes to savor as you watch the boats parading by the North Anna River branch of the lake.

Hotspot #3 – LKA™ Stage at Lake Anna Taphouse

    Visitors to the lake will want to visit this waterfront beer garden and enjoy 30+ beers and ciders, cocktails, pub grub menu, indoor, deck and lawn seating, plus flat screens inside for fall football watching. 

     With the location within a few steps of the lake, there’s a great “backyard” for folks to enjoy a brew al fresco, plus cornhole, firepits and the LKA™ Stage that backs up to the lake. Fifty+ boat wet slips are available so customers can drive right up. Beverages can be enjoyed inside and out, and most people will want to enjoy their drinks on the deck or out on the lawn.


Hotspot #4 – Coyote Hole Craft Brewing/Mineral Brewing

   Deliciously refreshing cider, evocative beers, a four-season venue set in the woods just off Rt. 208, food trucks, live music and a central lake location make this hotspot a popular lake destination. Choose from cider, beer, wine, seltzers or sangrias and a suprisingly diverse food menu, then kick back and get On Lake Time!

Hotspot #5 – Everleigh Vineyards

   Everleigh Vineyards makes our list this year, it’s second year of hosting locals and visitors. This two-story, spectacular venue overlooks its vineyard and stunning sunsets offer locally made wines, beers and ciders along with live music, light menu fare and food trucks.


Hotspot #6 – Lake Anna Outfitters

    The new Lake Anna Oufitters at Anna Point Marina is full of everything Lake Anna. Trucker caps, tees, hoodies, drinkware, decorative items, stickers, LKA flags, sunglasses, campfire supplies; darn near anything you’d want for a gift or cool apparel for your next dock party, plus they rent and sell kayaks, paddleboards and canoes for the ultimate lake party arrival vehicle!

Hotspot #7 – Cocktail Cove

    The first rule of Cocktail Cove is not to talk about the location! It’s a “secret” cove off the main lake in the clear, clean mid lake region where locals and visitors enjoy the aquatic side of Lake Anna life. Beach your rig on the sand bar between the shore and an island and set up your boat picnic. Leave no trace and enjoy what the day brings.

Hotspot #8 – Callie Opie’s Orchard Restaurant & Event Park

   One of Lake Anna’s top restaurants, Callie Opie’s features a full time chef, amazing cocktails and a venue that wows visitors. A post and beam interior dining area leads to a beautiful patio out back complete with firepit. Meals are plated impecably and each bite offers multiple taste sensations. There’s that awesome patio, beautiful event barn and performance venue, too. Rental cabins are coming soon!

Hotspot #9 – The Sandbar

   A perennial hotspot, The Sandbar is a 150-yard long spit of soft sand located just underwater at the mouth of Gold Mine Creek up the North Anna River arm of the lake. When the water levels are normal, much of The Sandbar is under about two feet of water. On most summer weekends you’ll find dozens of boats with their captains and crew enjoying various water-related activities. One of the most popular is people watching, however water volleyball and “power-lifting” vie for second place. This crowd trends younger and bit wilder! 

Hotspot #10 – Home Point

   An LKA Must-Do for locals and visitors to the lake looking for a shopping experience that offers home furnishing and other decorative items curated by one of the lake’s top style mavens – Tammy Prestipino. You can always find something in the shop you’d want!

Hotspot #11 – The Cove At Lake Anna

   Located on Rt. 719 at Dillard’s Bridge on the Pamunkey Branch of the lake you’ll find a marina, convenience store, restaurant and bar that focuses on good times. The Cove offers indoor and outdoor dining (sunset views) and bars with plenty of dockage for amphibious landings. The outside bar is perfect, even on hot days, with cooling misters and plenty of cold Mermaid Juice served promptly. Start with the Cannonball appetizer and try to eat Blackbeard’s Platter!

Hotspot #12 – The Patio at El Gran Patron

   Lake Anna’s newest restaurant is located next to the dam at Pleasant’s Landing. A massive, lakeside patio offers incredible sunset views – even of the Blue Ridge Mountains some days. Giant margaritas, Dos XX Ambar Especial on tap, a staff that seeminly only knows the words, “Hell yeah!” and a huge menu make this one of LKA’s most festive new hotspots. Parking can be tricky and water access is limited, so be sure and arrive early for the fiesta!

Hotspot #13 – The Volleyball Court  

   While we won’t reveal the exact location (half the fun is finding these places!), this hotspot is down lake around the islands known as The Bahamas across from the power plant. It’s a family-friendly area with clear, clean water you’ll want to visit if you enjoy water volleyball.

Hotspot #13 – The Deck at Tim’s

  Enjoy a refreshing beverage and meal break while watching the boats go by up on the deck at Tim’s. Located in the North Anna arm of the lake, this is a hotspot with a great view, hot, steamed crabs and shrimp and plenty of cold beer and drink options. Free dockage, so bring your crew and drop anchor.

Hotspot #14 – The Beach at Lake Anna State Park

  If you want to visit this LKA landmark on a weekend you’ll need to arrive early and prepare because the beach is popular among day trippers. This sandy haven is patrolled by life guards and a delightful place for youngsters to splash around on a hot summer day.