Elk Creek Store’s Perfectly Southern Fried Chicken

  Lake Anna’s convenenice or country store network serve an important role in the community. There are no fast food restaurants, so these establishments fill that gap for breakfast and lunch, sometimes even for dinner. The parking lots swell with patrons as they head to work and take a lunch break.

  Elk Creek Country Store serves the Louisa side of the lake and is a popular spot with locals and visitors.

  Owner Mike Rassawalla has recently arranged to offer Perfectly Southern Fried Chicken and invites visitors and locals to try this new addition to the long-time store on Kentucky Spring Road.

  According to him, “Perfectly Southern Fresh Fried Chicken is the result of developing unique proprietary Southern breading flavors that deliver the best fried chicken experience possible.”

  A store spokesperson told Lake Anna Life & Times they will continue to offer the popular two-piece and two-side meal ($8.99) featuring favorite sides like mac and cheese, smashed potatos, collard greens, corn, green beans (a different vegetable each day).

  New to the Elk Creek hot food bar is a spicy chicken sandwich and on Fridays – a fried Swai fish sandwich with two sides ($8.99).

   Other popular menu items include Elk Creek’s hearty, made-to-order breakfast sandwiches (served 5a-10a). Lunch begins after 10 am.