Floor cover businesses are like fast food restaurants, right; there’s five in every town?

  While there may be any number of floor covering providers operating around Lake Anna, some even out of their homes, only one has a local show room and an exclusive guarantee.

  Lake Anna Floor Covering, LLC, located in nearby Mineral, is owned and operated by Akbar Dehghani and has been for 30+ years (under the name of FAMM Floor Covering).

   Akbar told Life & Times he changed the name because he wants to become THE floor covering provider for Lake Anna.

  “Lake Anna home owners are an important part of our business. I want everyone to know we are very different from your typical big box floor covering installer or person operating out of a truck. I estimate your job, I purchase the materials, then I and my staff will install your flooring AND I offer a lifetime warranty on labor on products you purchase from us. I am with you every step of the way,” Dehghani told Life & Times.

  Lake Anna Floor Covering offers instalation of carpet, hardwood, laminate and vinyl products including Anderson Tuftex for lake house walkout basements with high traffic, Shaw hardwood and laminate, Coretec laminate and Floorvana peel and stick carpet panels.