The recently revamped Louisa Clean organization is making huge strides in pulling in the citizens of Louisa County to Adopt-A-Highway and clean up community roads. 

   Nearing the end of 2023 190 citizens had picked up 644 bags of litter in 460 hours of volunteer time with another major cleanup taking place at the end of the year. 

   The existing Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) Adopt-A-Highway program requires two pickups per year once a section of road has been adopted, but Louisa Clean has gone above and beyond to keep the Lake Anna community’s roads clean. 

  Working closely with VDOT, Louisa Clean has been instrumental in getting all or parts of Carr’s Bridge, Moody Town, Kentucky Springs, Pottiesville, Byrd Mill and Eastham roads adopted and is working to get sections of Fredericks Hall, Mica, Hensley, and Peach Grove roads into the program. They are hoping to also add the stretch of Rt. 208 from Kentucky Springs Road to the Rt. 208 Bridge to the list. 

   Future plans are to pull in volunteers and adopters across Louisa County as well as helping surrounding counties to get similar groups up and running. In 2023 beginning January 6, 2023 to late December, Louisa Clean volunteers conducted 43 road cleanups and helped with four road pickups in Spotsylvania.

   If you are interested in joining Louisa Clean contact Louisa Clean at

If you are interested in adopting a section of road, go to Adopt-a-Highway | Virginia Department of Transportation. Follow Louisa Clean at