Community leaders come in all forms. There’s the business leader that works to perfect his or her craft or product, there’s the politician that works to represent, there’s the community activist that supports a cause or takes action to solve a problem and so many more types. Lake Anna is blessed to have many of the above.

   First up is Lindsey McClellan, a realtor and board member of the Lake Anna Business Partnership (LABP). McClellan operates Sunset Properties at Lake Anna with her partner (Jimmy Snyder) and serves as Secretary of LABP. She has been instrumental in holding the online LABP Community Forums and many of LABP’s community projects as well as serving as a small group leader with her church.

  Maureen Daniels has served the Lake Anna community for over two decades as part of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary, one of the founders of Lake Anna Rescue Group (LARG) and one of the initiators of the Lake Anna Positional Marker Sign program that codes landmarks so that 911 operators can tell where many calls come from.

  When he’s not running Dillard Alarm Company, Troy Dillard serves the community as Chief and President of Lake Anna Rescue, Inc. The station is located near the lower end of Lake Anna and responds to calls from all over Louisa County. Organizing first responders and serving as one in a rural community is a noble service.

  Brian Gilbreth doesn’t appear to ever stop working. He opened Lake Anna Taphouse four years ago at Lake Anna Plaza, followed by Cream & Caffeine; a coffee and soft serve shop, and last year opened Lake Anna Brewing Co. He’s on the board of Residents For 24/7 EMS at Lake Anna that has astoundingly raised over $175,000 to build the mid lake’s first fire and EMS station and received the Lake Anna Business Partnership’s Businessperson of the Year Award for 2020.

     Jody Korman is the 2023 President of LABP and has begun a Lake Anna Beautification movement of local volunteers that picks up refuse along lake roads. Her crews collected hundreds of bags of trash along Kentucky Springs Road and Route 208 this spring. When she’s not wearing her hi-vis vest she’s wearing her PFD as she is an avid slalom water skier.

  A retired Army veteran, Harry Looney serves as the Water Quality Project Officer for the Lake Anna Civic Association (LACA) and his actions show a dedication not often found. Looney has spearheaded a number of efforts to monitor water quality on Lake Anna and most recently has overseen a project to mitigate algae blooms using a variety of methods. 

   Dr. Dan Slovis opened Lake Anna Veterinary Hospital back in 2013 and ran it for the next 10 years at his New Bridge Landing location. Two years ago, he built a new hospital across the street on land he purchased and created a location that people come to from all over the region. His hospital is state-of-the-art and tends to dog and cats. He employs a large staff and has many furry friends. He was recognized as the LABP Businessperson of the Year for 2022.

  Suzie Squiers operates The Cove at LKA restaurant on the Pamunkey Branch of the lake. She is one of the hardest-working, big-hearted businesspersons at the lake. She held Covid prom nights for locals, employs many young folks and has donated thousands to local charities like the Belmont Foundation and the Foundation for 24/7 EMS at Lake Anna.

  Pat and Jane Gallagher are a husband-and-wife team that saw a need for the lake community and organized to address it. The Gallaghers formed the Residents for 24/7 EMS at LKA foundation and worked tirelessly to raise over $175,000 to seed Louisa County’s efforts to build a fire and EMS station on Rt. 208 near Food Lion. The station was declared operational in the spring of 2023 and started responding to calls. 

    Christian Goodwin is the Louisa County Administrator and while he is paid to tend to all things Louisa County and Lake Anna, his dedication to duty sets the highest standard for individuals serving in the position. He’s encouraging, enthusiastic and supportive of all things good for Lake Anna and without him the lake and Louisa County would be far less of a great place to live, work and play.

  Steve Harler operates Mid-Atlantic Watersports (at Pleasants Landing and The Boardwalk at Lake Anna) as well as Mid-Atlantic Dock Builders. He’s another work-a-holic but makes time to support many community causes including the new fire and EMS station, the LABP Scholarship Program and has served as an LABP Board member and as the Lake Anna Advisory Committee’s (LAAC) Recreational Subcommittee chair.

  C.C. McCotter is a businessman and community activist with over 30 years of Lake Anna life experience. He is the Publisher of Lake Anna Magazine, Lake Anna Life & Times newspaper and the Lake Anna Illustrated Map, serves as Chairman of LAAC, past president and founding member of LABP, founding member of LACA, chair of the LABP Scholarship Fund and organizer of events like Lake Anna Restaurant Week, the Lake Anna Job Fair and more. He was recognized as the LABP Businessperson of the Year in 2018 and Best Promoter of Lake Anna in 2019. 

  Sarah Marshall is Manager of External Affairs for Dominion Energy. What that means exactly is that she does so many things it would be difficult to list them, but many are Lake Anna related. She serves as the Dominion Energy representative on LAAC, has helped write and formulate many policies that affect Lake Anna residents, advocated for algae mitigation funding, served countless volunteer hours on various lake and regional projects all the while conducting herself in an inspiring, professional manner for all to be inspired by.

  Carlos Wood is the owner/operator of High Point Marina in Spotsylvania County. The family run business contrasts with the trend of vast corporations purchasing marinas and hiring management groups to run them. Carlos has jump-started countless trucks and charged as many boat batteries over the 40 years the marina has been in business. He’s often on-site answering phones and doing everything he possibly can to make visitors’ stays more enjoyable. During the January 2021 winter storm power outage he even opened one of his motel rooms so local folks without power and water could shower.

  Lake Anna Life thanks each of these community leaders for their standard-setting efforts and inspiration to others. Thank you for making LKA a better place to live, work and play! We look forward to seeing next year’s batch of community leaders.