U.S. Senator Tim Kaine visited the Lake Anna area February 25 on behalf of the Louisa Democratic Party. The visit was hosted at Callie Opie’s Event Barn, drawing a number of residents interested in meeting the current Senator and one time Virginia Governor, Lieutenant Governor and vice-presidential candidate.

  Kaine told those gathered his campaign was about “standing up for people.” He currently serves on the Armed Services Committee, the Budget Committee, the Foreign Relations Committee and the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee and is running for re-election in 2024.

  Louisa County Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Duane Adams and Supervisor Christopher McCotter attended the gathering and asked Kaine about federal funding options for harmful algae mitigation at Lake Anna.

  “Taking care of the lake isn’t a red or blue issue, it’s a commonsense issue. HABs affect the health of the lake’s ecosystem, our health and our pets’ health and business/property values in the affected areas,” McCotter said. “I’ve known Tim Kaine for over 15 years, and I know he cares about the environment and the economic impact of an ailing lake. I was grateful for the invitation and the opportunity to advise him on HABs here.”

  Supervisor Adams noted: “As a County Supervisor, [Sen. Kaine’s visit] gave me an opportunity to directly communicate important needs of Louisa County.

  “I explained the impact of HAB on Lake Anna and the fact that any long-term solution would require federal funding. Senator Kaine expressed an interest in learning more about the issue.

  “Along with Louisa County staff I will continue to communicate and advocate for help from Washington to protect and improve the health and water quality of Lake Anna.”