Louisa County Planning commissioners unanimously recommended that the Board of Supervisors approve Stafford Contracting, LLC’s request for a Conditional Use Permit to allow a contractor’s office and shop on a 1.12-acre parcel (tmp 30-18-4) on Kentucky Springs Road (Route 652) in the Cuckoo Election District. The property is zoned light commercial (C-1) and in the Lake Anna Growth Area Overlay District.

The commission also recommended that the board approve a proffer amendment to a previous rezoning that would permit the use on the property.

  Christian Ellis, Stafford Contracting’s owner, told the commission that he plans to store equipment for his general contracting and home improvement business at the site, which he’s prohibited from keeping at his new home due to HOA regulations. Ellis intends to build a 3,500-square foot metal building to house work vehicles, equipment, tools and related materials.

  Ellis said the use would generate little traffic because of the nature of the business, which requires work to be done at customers’ homes. He plans to share an entrance with an adjoining property owner who intends to open a restaurant.

  “I just want to fit in over here. I don’t plan on making any noise or any racket. I’ll be the only one in and out…I’m excited about being here in Louisa and fitting in the fabric (of the community) and increasing property values by continuing to work on homes that are here and building new homes as needed in the future,” said Ellis, who just moved to Lake Anna from Stafford County.

 Cuckoo District Commissioner George Goodwin, who represents the area, asked Ellis if he’d be willing to add a condition to the CUP that prohibits him from storing construction vehicles, equipment or materials outside his building. Ellis agreed to the condition.

Other than Ellis, no one spoke for or against the CUP during the public hearing.