New Bridge Fire and Rescue Station construction is underway on Route 208, just past Food Lion – a highly visible and welcome sight for residents and visitors to Lake Anna. The station is on schedule for opening late spring 2023. We can proudly say the Lake Anna community worked together in spite of the pandemic to raise the initial $100,000 seed money two years ago. Since then, Louisa County appropriated 2.3 million dollars to cover the remaining construction costs and local fundraising efforts continue.

   The Foundation for Lake Anna Emergency Services (FLAES) is now working hard to ensure the station has a fully equipped ambulance. A new ambulance costs $300,000 plus the cost of equipment. Louisa County applied for a grant for close to half the cost, and the Foundation has worked with community members to raise the other $150,000. 

   As of mid-December, the foundation reported donations totaling $180,000. Like many base models, this new piece of equipment does not come fully outfitted. The cost to outfit the ambulance is close to $100,000, with equipment needs such as a Physio Control Life Pack ($45K), a Lucas Compression Device ($17K), medical supplies ($15K) to name a few. This is the foundation’s current fundraising focus.

  Why does the FLAES continue raising funds for a County facility? New Bridge Station is the first fire and rescue station funded by County funds ($2.3M). The other seven stations were constructed through the generosity of the local communities. We are working with the Lake Anna community to follow the example of our neighboring communities by contributing to the apparatus and equipment costs.

  Future equipment needs include: tanker truck (near term replacement) -$400,000, engine truck (replacement) – $700,000 and a brush truck – $80,000.

   FLAES rolled out a Buy-a-Brick program in late October that was met with great enthusiasm. Community members and businesses have jumped at the chance to “Buy a brick, Save a life” and be a part of Lake Anna history by making a physical contribution to the new facility. 

  As of this writing, volunteers Jim and Mary Jo McCoy and their “Brick Chicks” have raised upwards of $51,000! Purchasing a brick is a great way to honor and remember a loved one, a special achievement, a first responder, a new graduate or a special holiday gift for someone to be remembered for years to come. It’s also a great way for you or your business to support New Bridge Fire and Rescue. You can purchase a brick, a paver and even a mini-brick replica of your brick to keep or give as a gift. Visit To donate directly to FLAES visit 

  In addition to bricks, personal and business donors have options at higher giving levels and will be recognized on a “Wall of Honor” displayed in the foyer of the fire and rescue station. There are also opportunities to sponsor one of three flagpoles ($7.5K) and the apparatus bays ($15K each). The centerpiece of the patio ($5K) and the New Bridge Fire and Rescue sign ($10K) have already been sponsored. Those interested in additional information, please send an email to:

   Anderson Woolfolk, Louisa County General Services Manager, says the framing and roofing of the living quarters has been completed. The steel building material for the apparatus bays has arrived and we will soon see the bays erected.

   New Bridge Fire and Rescue will be staffed by career staff and volunteers. The career staffing will enable the station to be open 24/7, but augmenting with volunteers will greatly increase the ability to respond to calls requiring multiple apparatus. 

  Join Louisa County Fire & EMS and give back to your community by visiting or calling 540-967-3491 for an application or additional information. Driver, EMT and firefighter positions require training, so the sooner you contact County fire and EMS staff the better.

  Thank you in advance if you are able to donate your time, apply your skills or learn new skills! You are needed!

Jane Gallagher