With summer now fading into the rearview mirror of 2022, the fall season comes as welcome relief to Lake Anna area restaurants inundated with seasonal visitors. Summer at Lake Anna means long days and lots of business for our restauranteurs and staff. Couple that with Covid and persistent labor issues and you had a challenging period.

   The big five on the lake: Tim’s, The Cove, Vito’s, Asian Café and Lake Anna Taphouse all dealt with the same issue this season; staffing. The labor demand is outstripping the supply and despite a significant increase in wages for 2022, the shortages did affect business hours of operation at times. 

  By mid August, many businesses lost 50% or more of their staff due to them going back to high school or college. That is one of the busiest times of the year at the lake with vacationers and day trippers, not mention a large increase in local residents.

  Suzie Squiers, owner of The Cove at Lake Anna has her restaurant and staff ready for the fall season.  The Cove features two bars, one inside and one out, a deck and a patio overlooking the lake as well as free dockage.

  For the 2022 fall season Squiers told Lake Anna Life & Times she will bring back weekly specials aimed at bringing residents into the restaurant.

  Mike Kavros at Callie Opie’s told L&T he menu will undergo a seasonal change at the end of September. Half Price Burger Night doesn’t come back until December.

   Amy Riggleman at Tim’s on Lake Anna says she and her staff look forward to serving fall’s visitors. The restaurant will have weekly specials on blue crabs made known via Tim’s Facebook page. 

Melody Bowers at Tavern on the Rail invites anyone looking to hold a special event to stop by for a tour of her event barn and to stay tuned for the announcement of her annual whiskey tastings in that venue. 

  Coyote Hold Ciderworks is planning now for its very popular Haunted Trail on October weekends. 

  Lake Anna Taphouse has live music planned for every weekend through October and some seasonal Octoberfest biers in the works. 

 Other restaurants that welcome your fall visit include Vito’s and The Lounge, Lake Anna Hideaway, Below Deck Pizza & Sandwiches, Asian Café, Tasty Crab and Sabor A Mexico.

  Just a short drive from the lake you’ll find Southern Revere Cellars – a place to convene with friends and family this fall for locally brewed beer and wine that can be combined with a day trip to historic sites in and around Charlottesville.