The Lake Anna Advisory voted to reject an application that would create a No Wakesurfing zone in the upper Pamunkey Branch just above The Cove Restaurant and the mouth of Terry’s Run.

 The vote took place at the group’s July 27 meeting presided by LAAC Vice Chair Kevin Marshall (Chair C.C. McCotter was out of town), who made the motion to deny the application based on the applicant not representing the subdivision as he claimed as well as the proposed No Wakesurfing zone not being necesary.

  Louisa LAAC citizenrepresentative and LAAC Treasurer Dick Shrum was the sole dissenting vote. Dominion Energy representative Sarah Marshall recused herself.

  LAAC Navigation & Safety subcommittee chair Jean McCormick had recommended approval of the application due to property damage and dangerous conditions caught by the waves created by wake surfing boats.

   Over 16 attendees commented during the public comment period – all against the creation of the No Wake Surfing Zone. The applicant did not attend the meeting.

  Lake Anna currently has three No Wake Surfing zones – two in the upper Pamukey and one in Terry’s Run.