Lake area residents were surprised to see milling and paving undertaken on Kentucky Springs Road/Rt. 652 in October as line painting was just completed in that section of the busy road that runs along the Louisa side of Lake Anna from the intersection of Rt. 208 to the Milpond Bridge.

  “I was told Kentucky Springs wasn’t due to be repaved until 2024,” noted C.C. McCotter, “so I was just as suprised as everyone else to see the crews show up, especially after line painting occured a couple weeks prior.”

  Lake Anna Life & Times reached out to VDOT’s Resident Engineer, Scott Thornton for an update on the statement he provided in April 2023: “Rt 652 is on our 2024 resurfacing schedule which will be sent to bid in the fall of 2023 and the paving contract is typically awarded in late February/early March with a start date of April.”

   “So the work that has been completed in recent weeks on 652 is patching that we typically perform in advance of the paving scheduled for the following spring. Since the schedules typically start as soon as the weather breaks, we do some of this work in the fall so our maintenance crews can get some areas ready for the contractor to come in next year,” Thornhill told Life & Times.

  Regarding the striping work, Thornhill said he’d have to “look into that and get back to you.”

  He  noted the striping  contract is managed out of VDOT’s Culpeper office so he wasn’t sure what happened there. 

  As far as the actual repaving of Kentucky Springs, Thornhill said: “The plan is to start on Rt. 652 in 2024. The contract generally has a start date of April with a completion date sometime in November. Because Rt. 652 is such a long route it would not surprise me if it is much later in the year before it is completed but it could also be the first road depending on where the contractor elects to start.