After a busy first summer, the owner  of Below Deck Pizza is learning how to serve hungry customers in the offseason.

 “We were very busy with plenty of folks visiting by boat and a steady stream of carry out orders,” owner Eric Kober told Life & Times.

  All winter the restaurant will continue to serve hot, made-to-order pizza and deli sub sandwiches, but Kober has also expanded his business with order ahead charcuterie boards for special events and parties and even catering.

 He credits the late John MacSwain (Lakeview, Chelsey Joe’s and The Dirty Banana) for mentoring him and helping inspire him to realize his dream of owning a restaurant.

 “When I was 16 years old, kicked out of school, out of control and life slipping away for me, I had the opportunity to get a interview at Lakeview Restaurant with John MacSwain for a job I wasn’t even qualified for. Someone told him I took culinary arts in school and was a good cook. He asked and I told him the truth. I took the class. But wasn’t allowed in the kitchen and failed. He just laughed and told me he appreciated my honesty. He said ‘Come in tomorrow and be ready to work.’ I came in to work the next day and never looked back. 

 “John didn’t just give me a job. He gave the game. Taught me every single detail I would need to know to run the place and to succeed in life in general. He helped me rent my first house. Then helped me buy my first home. He taught me how to be a man. Not settle for less and most importantly never make excuses for anything.”

 We are doing Charcuterie Board specials for Christmas gifts or party’s .Starting @45$ Pick up on Dec 22 and 23. Get your orders in now . ***This is just one we made for a customer.We can customize yours how ever you want. ***  (3 different types-salami,pickles,grapes,olives,cucumbers,nuts,cheese cubes,pimiento cheese,hummus,crackers,pretzels,bagel chips)