The Perfect Day at Lake Anna

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Lake Anna Life
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The perfect day on Lake Anna starts with a pre-dawn coffee and breakfast at one of our great country stores (B&L, Elk Creek, New Bridge, and Dickinson’s), because you need to be in place to greet the sunrise and will use that hearty meal for energy – it’s going to be a busy day!

After fueling up the boat it’s time to make some casts for Lake Anna’s famous largemouth bass, striper or wiper down at Dike III or just about any quiet cove. The sun is rising over the horizon, lighting up the sky with pastel orange, pink and blue now and the fish are biting.

Once the sun gets four fingers above the tree line it might be time for the kids to take their first run on the tube while you enjoy the boat ride, a paddleboard yoga class or just cruise the lake while traffic is light and the water is smooth as silk. Rental pontoons are a great way to enjoy the lake.

Before lunch it’s time to find a nice beach with a shallow water area at The Bahamas or up at The Sandbar. Sit back and watch the sun climb higher and the lake come alive with late risers.

Set up your beach camp then watch the fish jump and the kids play in the water. It’s time to relax and enjoy your family and the lake until about lunch time. When you’re ready, you either fire up the grill or open up the picnic you packed.

After the meal it’s time to start to make the rounds and visit the docks of friends around the lake. Meet up with your buddies and take the kids out tubing, wake boarding, wake surfing, or sometimes just float in the water with a noodle and talk.

The sun now starts to slip toward the west, signaling that the great Lake Anna nightlife is not far away. There is something about being in the water and camaraderie of friendship that makes the afternoons one of the best parts of a day at the lake.

As much as the morning is peaceful, the afternoons are blissful here. Pace yourself because it’s time to meet up with more friends and head to your favorite location, Cocktail Cove, The Sandbar, The Bahamas, Pirate’s Cove, Pleasants Landing Beach, the State Park beach or just explore. Fish for a little while more, snorkel, play some corn hole, volleyball and wait for the sun to set and toast a glass of Lake Anna wine to another perfect day.

Load up the boat and make your last run on the wakesurfer, kneeboard or tube because after the sun goes down it’s time for some great LKA nightlife! Head back to a lakeside restaurant, cidery, brewery, taphouse or dock party and keep the fun going.

Afterward break out the headlamps and flashlights because it’s time for a local tradition known as a Lake Anna Monster Hunt. Bang a couple sticks together and do your best to call him in and have your camera ready, you are now part of the Lake Anna Monster Research Institute!

Top it all off with a cozy bonfire and some s’mores or a visit to Moo Thru where you can plan out tomorrow’s adventures.

Are you more into non-motorized ways to enjoy nature? Rent or bring your own paddlecraft and explore the more remote sections of the lake like The Sanctuary in the upper North Anna or Ware Creek at the State Park. Nature abounds in these areas with a heron rookery, beavers, otters and dozens of songbirds.

Choose to paddle from the Rt. 208 marinas and you are within a quarter mile of the 1,000 plus acre Lake Anna State Park where you’ll find plenty of hiking trails, places to swim and undeveloped coves.

Didn’t get to shop for a souvenier? No problem. Lake Anna Outfitters and MidAtlantic Watersports each has great options and the marinas welcome your visit.

Sleepy kids in a quiet car/boat mean your day was full. Get some rest because it’s time to do it all over again tomorrow or next weekend.