Louisa County has an option agreement for the potential future acquisition of the wastewater treatment plant operated by Lake Anna Environmental Services at the Lake Anna Plaza complex on Rt. 208.  

  According to County Administrator Christian Goodwin, “if the County acquires the facility, an upgrade to modern standards is contemplated, as well as a capacity upgrade to accommodate potential future needs, including commercial growth along the Louisa side of Rt. 208.”

   The current plant is permitted to discharge up to 20,000 gallons per day (gpd) of treated effluent into Lake Anna near the 208 bridge.  The existing permit also includes a 99,000 gpd flow tier which would require facility upgrades. In the future, the County could apply to the state for permitted discharges up to 300,000 gpd, which would require additional upgrades. 

  The County is working with Dewberry Engineers, Inc. to evaluate options. According to Goodwin, construction costs have been significantly impacted by economic pressures, and recent preliminary estimates are in the $7.065-7.095M range (pending design details) for a 100,000 gpd facility.  At 300,000 gpd, option-dependent costs range from $10.8-11.04M.  

  The developer of the proposed Lake Anna Resort, an adjacent development which could potentially connect to the facility, is negotiating a proffer to partially offset the cost of the upgrade.  It is anticipated that the Louisa County Board of Supervisors will consider these matters in early 2023. 

   “The development of public utilities is a valuable tool for responsible management of the right kind of growth,” said Board of Supervisors Chairman Duane Adams (Mineral District).  

  “The facility has significant value from that standpoint, and the County is carefully considering options and weighing public input as we work toward the best decision for our community.”