If you want to spend an afternoon or evening exploring the rural countryside just off the lake, make plans to visit Southern Revere Cellars in nearby Louisa.
Two families have teamed up to manage their ancestral farm to produce craft beer and wine and the results are delightful.
“We love groups, are a part of the Fermentation Farm Trail, the Lake Anna Beverage Trail and have been nominated for Richmond Times Dispatch “The Best”   Best Craft Beer, Best Local Brewery, and Best Winery,’’ co-owner Paula Spencer told Lake Anna Life.
 Spencer notes the farm’s mission is to provide high quality “land-made” craft beverage products while honoring both traditional and innovative styles in a communal, agricultural setting.
Southern Revere is a family and pet friendly gathering place for locals and tourists alike. Spencer says the environment “promotes bridging the gap between wine and beer drinkers: a less fussy approach to wine (while still focusing on quality) and a slightly elevated approach to beer (but drinkable and welcoming).”
The Southern Revere Tasting Barn and surrounding outdoor space is a destination that helps visitors “escape” from the city or on their way to visit outdoor attractions such as Lake Anna. By offering both wine and beer the farm is a great choice for traveling groups with varying tastes.  
  Southern Revere is named after local Virginia folk hero, Jack Jouett, who during the Revolutionary War, made a daring 40-mile dash on horseback to Monticello, the home of Virginia Governor, Thomas Jefferson, to sound the alarm that British forces were on their way to capture the Founding Father. We have it on good authority that Jack Jouett, later dubbed the Paul Revere of the South, used to frequent his father’s Louisa tavern. So, in homage to local history and Jack’s proclivity for superior libations, Southern Revere celebrates their road’s namesake by being rooted in tradition, crafted with ambition.