This summer will mark five years since Moo Thru Lake Anna opened its doors and began making ice cream lovers very happy here.

  Their famous ice cream is farm fresh and homemade. The MooThru farm in Remington has 1,800 Holstein cows. and approximately 5k gallons of milk leaves the farm daily, goes to a plant to get pasteurized and returns to the farm. The ice cream is made in the family plant with premium ingredients from around the world.   

  You’ll find 13 flavors daily including vanilla, chocolate, Holstein, Moundz, strawberry, blackberry, cookies and cream, cookie dough and mint chocolate chip to name a few. They rotate specials like, butter pecan, orange, raspberry sorbet and dark chocolate. They also offer seasonal flavors such as peach, apple pie, key lime, smores and pumpkin throughout the season.

  The shop offers hard scoop ice cream in cups, cake cones, fresh waffle cones and waffle bowls along with sundaes, floats, milkshakes and banana splits and pup cups for your furry friends, plus pints and quarts to go. 

   Moo Thru Lake Anna is now open Monday-Thursday 12-9pm, Friday 12-10pm, Sat. 12-10pm and Sun. 12-9pm.