As part of it’s Celebrating 50 Years of Lake Anna Love marketing campaign to mark the 50th anniversary of the formation of Lake Anna, the Lake Anna Business Partnership (LABP) has designed a commemorative billboard that will be displayed June 27 through mid August on the main route to the lake off Interstate 95.
“We wanted to highlight the 50th anniversary of the lake and our member businesses with this highly visible promotion,“ noted LABP president C.C. McCotter, “Our new website will also be live by the time of the billboard so our intent is to promote as well.”
The billboard features a stunning sunset view of the lake and a call to action to visit the group’s website where visitors can discover things to do during their stay and connect with LABP members.
LABP is also working on 50th anniversary commemorative events including a birthday party for the lake (sites and dates TBA soon)
Funding for the billboard is provided by dues from LABP members as well as Spotsylvania Tourism.
The new LABP website will feature a member business directory, more information on Lake Anna activities, a map, a calendar of events and links to over 150 lake area businesses.
LABP will mark 20 years since its founding in 2002 by Steve Mudre, Olivia Ryan, C.C. McCotter and Linda Martunessen. Along the way the organization has been helmed by lake leaders including Mudre, Waymon Bishop, Jeff Heidig, Dick Dickens, Chuck Meeks, McCotter, Jeff Martin and Mark Smith. There are currently 140+ member businesses and social members.